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How to launch a new website in 5 steps

This is an EXCELLENT question that one of our clients asked us recently… “what are the best ways to announce my website?” It’s all very tempting to quickly share a post on your social media… “Hi everyone, I’m excited to announce my new website! Check it out!” But you need to create a more compelling post to share with your audience about WHY they should check out your new baby, with no obligations. Imagine if you’re an artist and you have spent hours upon hours painting a piece a work with the intention for someone to buy it, you sure would not say “Hi everyone, I’m so excited to finally finish my painting, here it is, buy it!”. Maybe you would first post a "work in progress photo", and put some context into why you painted it.

When it comes to announcing your new website to the world, first ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Why am I launching this website?

  2. What is in it for my audience?

  3. What is my ultimate goal?

The following 5 steps will give you a quick guideline on how to launch your website.

Step 1: Create a “coming soon” page

By the time you’re reading this blog post, you have most likely already made your website and are a little too late to create a “coming soon” page… but for those who are extra organised… well done, because a “coming soon” page is an excellent link to give people whilst you’re creating the content and developing your new website. The "coming soon" page can have super sleek, simple design, with very little content. Just think of the type of signage that a shop or cafe might have if they’re about to open… it's just enough to get people excited. Remember to include contact details and perhaps a “sign up for updates” newsletter form so that you can start collecting emails.


A “coming soon” page should be live for no longer than 3 months otherwise people will start to think that nothing is going on… but of course behind the scenes, you’re working like a maniac to build not only the full website… but your new business!

Step 2: Create pre-launch buzz

We know, you’re probably bursting with excitement to put your website out there so that you can start promoting your business and showcase something that you’re proud of… hold your horses because you need to generate a little bit of curiosity before you get going. If you were like us, a keen little bean and made the mistake by clicking the “publish” button before generating the pre-launch buzz, you may as well go to Step 3. However, if you’re yet to publish your website, make sure you share a post (or three) a couple of weeks prior to your launch. The post could be as simple as something you can easily make on Canva with the text, “Launching soon!”. Before you publish your website, make sure you use this time to make any final tweaks and share it with friends/family so they can proofread the copy and make sure all the links are going to the right pages.


If there are web links on your website that link to external pages, make sure “Open page in new window” is selected in the settings, you want your viewers to stay on your own website for as long as possible and not get too distracted.

Step 3: Create several posts over the next few weeks after you new website has been announced

We recommend that you create more than one shiny post to announce your website because you won’t be able to reach your entire audience with one post. Prepare posts for Instagram, Facebook and Linked In (plus others if you use them).

What to include in your website launch post?

  • Make sure the wording is authentic that demonstrates how excited you are to have it live. Give your audience a reason to visit your website and include things like “you'll be able to download your freebie…” and “book online for your first 30-minute chat!”.

  • Include a polished and professional image of your website. This could be a professional photo on your laptop with your website full screen, or a photo of you looking at your website on a tablet. Instagram always favours photos of people in it rather than just screenshots. Have a look at for mockups of laptops.

  • Tag the people who were involved in building your website (if any), a little bit of gratitude goes a long way.

  • Remember your hashtags (they will vary depending on what your business is all about)


Vary the wording/imagery per post, for example, one image could be a professional photo of you looking at the website on your laptop and one could be a professional photo of yourself that’s on the website.

Step 4: Ask friends and clients to share the posts

Send the social media post link to various clients, friends and family via direct messages so that they can install share on their social media platforms. After all, word of mouth is always the best form of marketing and growth for a business!

Step 5: Send an email to your database

Whether or not you have 20 emails in your database, or 200… send a professional email to all your connections from either Mailchimp or Wix Marketing (if your website is built on Wix). Make it simple and straight to the point, similar to the content you included in your social media posts. Remember to include at least 3 points on what your visitors can do if they visit your website.


Include a 30 second video of yourself showing your enthusiasm for your new website and the things that people can do or download if they visit! This is not essential but it gives that extra special human touch.

Well, that should be it… you’re now ready to announce your website and get it out there! We’re excited for you because this is the start of your next big chapter in your business! If you have any other tips on what has worked for you on your website launch, we’d love to hear them. Email


Do you need professional photos? Our MILCO photographer Remco can take professional profile headshots and photos of your website or business (if you’re based in Adelaide).

Do you need help with your website? From a “coming soon” page, to quick edits, to a full make-over… we’d be more than happy to make sure your website is looking presentable for your audience. If you mention this blog post we’ll offer you a 10% off our services!

Keep an eye out for the next blog post. “Freebie and promotional ideas to include on my website to generate leads”.

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